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Aqua World Wood Pools are a high quality construction of sustainably sourced pine, impregnated to class IV, and meeting all European standards. Available in hexagonal, octagonal, extended octagonal and rectangular, the pools are designed to suit any home, and harmonise with the natural surroundings of your garden.


Pools can be fully or partially embedded in the ground or sat fully above ground and painted in any colour.

The pools are supplied as standard with a sand filtration system, and an internal stainless-steel ladder with external wooden ladder with anti-slip steps. The external ladder can be removed to prevent children accessing the pool unsupervised.


The pools are designed for self-assembly and use a ‘tongue and groove’ system along with stainless steel screws. All pools are supplied with full and detailed instructions. A concrete base is required for the construction of extended octagonal and rectangular pools. We recommend a builder is consulted on the construction if you are unsure of any aspects.


Installing a wooden pool is a cost-effective way to enjoy swimming in the comfort of your own home all year round. The combination of thoughtful design and high quality makes an Aqua World Wood Pool a fantastic choice for your garden.


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Effect Pools

Effect pools are constructed from quality treated steel, with either a satinwood, wood, stone or graphite effect on the outside of the steel. Available in round or oval options, and two different depths the pools can be constructed above ground, partially embedded or fully embedded. The variety of sizes, effects and embedding options offers you maximum flexibility ensuring a product that is guaranteed to compliment and enhance your home and garden.


Supplied as a standard package which includes the steel outer, liner, ladder, and filtration, further equipment such as heating and counter current units can be added to meet you and your family’s needs.


Designed for self-assembly by a competent DIYer or local builder, the effect pool range will provide years of water fun with little or no maintenance required.


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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps have the lowest running cost of all heating methods. For every 1Kw of energy consumed by the heat pump it produces 4 to 5Kw of heat energy.


Essentially working like an air conditioning unit in reverse, the heat pump uses the ambient air temperature to excite a refrigerant enclosed within the unit. The temperature of the refrigerant is raised thus generating heat in the process.


By diverting the flow from your pool recirculation pump and sand filter system, the circulating water collects the heat generated by the refrigerant. If the unit is switched on, heat will be provided to the temperature you set.


The units have simple in/out connections to the pool and the temperature is set on a LCD control panel. The unit will run off a standard 13AMP electrical supply. We strongly recommend that it is hardwired in by a qualified electrician.


Contact us to determine the size required for your pool volume.


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To get the best out of your pool, Aqua World Wood Pools offer a variety of accessories. Sized to fit your pool we have summer covers, winter covers and felt installation pads.


A keen swimmer? Why not install a Swim Jet counter current unit to swim against? The Swim Jet comes with an optional stand, so it can be installed on in ground or above ground pools.


We also supply spare liners, skimmer boxes, parts of skimmer boxes, sand, pumps…anything that you might need for your Aqua World pool. If it’s not listed in the shop, contact us direct on 01926 498203 and we’ll track it down.


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Fixed Enclosures

Our fixed pool enclosures are constructed of aluminium alloy with a UV resistant wall of clear polycarbonate.


Designed for self-assembly to go over your in-ground Aqua World pool, the enclosures make a great addition with benefits including: an extended swimming season, reduced heat loss, and improved water quality. Furthermore, a lockable door prevents children and pets from accessing the pool unaccompanied.


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Mobile Enclosures

Constructed from a durable aluminium alloy and fully UV resistant and waterproof transparent tarp, Aqua World Wood Pool’s mobile roofing is designed for year-round use with fully or partially embedded Aqua World Pools.


Fully mobile and with the option to open the sides and/ or ends, the multi-functional enclosures are designed for simple self-assembly. Benefits include, reduced chemical and cleaning costs, increased heat retention, and an extended pool season.


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